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Are you talking about? Over the All Star break

Nah, he said. Are you talking about? Over the All Star break, I was on vacation and then went to Los Angeles. Disgusting, he said. Senior Constable Jonathon Wright’s foot and part of his leg were amputated after a 22 year old allegedly drove into two highway patrol officers in Leumeah on Friday.The driver reportedly told police he had been driving at 60 km per hour and looked at his phone for 10 to 20 seconds.A hi tech camera which can detect people using their mobile phones while driving was trialled in Melbourne.But that technology could soon be replaced by stationary cameras that automatically issue an infringement notice without the driver even realising they been sprung.NSW Police Highway Patrol boss, Assistant Commissioner Mick Corboy, told the Nine News there were technologies coming out the way we are going to defeat this is by video evidence, by photographic evidence and we are looking at everything possible around the world at the moment and we think we get something in place fairly quickly, Mr Corboy said.His comments came after NSW Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey put out a call on Tuesday for potential providers to present technology based solutions to address the problem of mobile phone use in cars.this technology would be a world first and is one of the priorities of our Road Safety Plan 2021 that we announced, Mrs Pavey said.A hi tech camera which can detect people using their mobile phones while driving was trialled in Melbourne.Mrs Pavey said the Road Transport Legislation Amendment (Road Safety) Bill 2018 was introduced into the NSW Legislative Assembly on March 6, 2018. NSW is the first jurisdiction to introduce such legislation in Australia.Last year, NSW Police handed out about 42,000 fines to drivers caught on their mobile phones, with the distraction increasingly emerging as a factor in fatal crashes over the past decade.In February this year, serial texter Jakob Thornton, was allegedly engrossed in his phone when he ploughed into a roadside breath test in southwest Sydney, seriously injuring two officers.During the 12 months ending in February 2018, there were 1249 road deaths across Australia. That was a 0.2 per cent decrease compared to the total for the 12 month period ending February 2017.In 2016, 1300 lives were lost on roads nationwide, which was an increase of nearly 8 per cent on the previous year (1205).Mr Corboy said in a statement earlier this month that too many people made decisions while driving.

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