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Your Pen Drive to record is 10 $ with songs

Gjr noe er rett for en tenring ufattelige. Farge, stil, pris og s videre m vre riktig. Det er enda vanskeligere f dem til gjre det som favoritter komme og g med forblffende hastighet. As the old man wraps up his tasks for the day and prepares for the next, we see a little of his home and lifestyle. He lives alone with very little interaction with others except the boy. His wife has died and he has taken her picture down because it makes him too lonely.

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R $ 30 – Boa Vista

Pen Drive and Memory Card Recorded in time with 2100 songs 8 gb original 30 R $. Your Pen Drive to record is 10 $ with songs

You can download this music video. )

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