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We opted to upgrade from a state room with just a windowed port hole to a family state room with a balcony. Ours was on the 8th deck at the back of the ship. I think the side would have been preferable. The top floor of the Museum, a glass cube with views of the Parthenon temple atop the Acropolis hill on one side, Pnyx Hill on the other, and the modern city of Athens on the remaining two sides, is devoted to masterpieces that once resided on the Parthenon, including the famed « Parthenon frieze », over half of which is now in the British Museum, since Lord Elgin, having lost his fortune and his wife, and acquired the sort of 19th century rich man’s infection that led to the removal of his nose (no offense meant to any descendants of Lord Elgin, or, of course, British PM Gordon Brown), sold his finds to the Museum. The frieze is a visual narrative which tells the story of the Birth of Athena (and, in other sections, the battle between Athena and Poseidon for spiritual control of the city not to offend any followers of Poseidon who may be hurt by the memory of their loss). For the first time since Elgin’s adventure, an attempt is being made to show it in its entirety, with casts of the British Museum segments interspersed with originals that Elgin allowed to remain on the Parthenon..

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cheap jordans online Fear of Gas WarfareIn 1940, with Germany bombing targets in Britain, the fear that Germany would eventually gas British cities from the air was very real. After all, the Germans had introduced chemical warfare during World War 1 so it was reasonable, at the time, to assume the worst. In August of 1940, the Minister of Supply thought the Porton Down facility, which had been created in 1916 to research chemical weapons, should air jordan retro cheap also explore the possibilities of germ warfare.. cheap jordans online

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