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For example all the car companies HQ are in the GTA in for

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Airframes are designed for moncler usa structural life using damage tolerance, which is based on the much more moncler sale online scientific principle of fracture mechanics. S N fatigue is nonsense when discussing airframes.

The life is very much finite. You are referring to outdated engineering principles that still may be used in other less rigorous applications, but not in airframes.

The old airframes that cheap moncler coats mens are still around cost billions to maintain, inspect and repair. Much best moncler jackets of this cost is due to fatigue. Many of the major load components have significant repair or even replacement.

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To be fair it has been longer than 30 years, but yes, there are discount moncler jackets some fleets still in service designed to be safe life. My field doesn extend into moncler outlet service and maintenance of these old aircraft, but I am willing uk moncler sale to bet that damage tolerance has been « adapted » to these fleets insofar as all of the field data has been used to create empirical delta K/cycle curves and they now undergo regular inspection/part replacement. The fact that the fleet moncler outlet store is old doesn mean we use outdated maintenance principals. In the end, money talks, and throwing away functional parts because you have exceeded the « safe life » makes no sense.

Our knowledge of fatigue is all relatively « new », and moncler outlet prices thinking that whoever owns the maintenance contracts for these « old » aircraft hasn updated their methods is naive. Look up the DeHavillan Comet we only figured out metal fatigue within the past 50 uk moncler outlet years.

The number of actual houses (single and semi in Toronto is flat. There will never be growth in this area again so we will have more people, who make more money, all competing for a product which number is flat.

Condo and town are increasing, but houses are not. And despite what people say, people still want houses when they have a family.

Just as an aside, our firm also in tech, is now hiring new linked website cheap moncler grads at 90K plus downtown Toronto. There are more and more of these jobs in this city, the educated class (if that is the right term) is booming in Toronto across all sectors. And one issue we have in this country is they are all in one city. In the US at least it is spread out. For example all the car companies HQ are in the GTA in for Canada, except Chrysler (which is Windsor), there are none in NYC. Do that for every industry, moncler outlet online marketing, CPG, tech, Finance, logistics, transportation, manufacuring etc. They are all moncler sale in the GTA and GTA dominated (We are still flanked by 3 car plants). So people moncler sale outlet will always be coming here, regardless of industry for work. We are not built like moncler online store any other city in North America, and no one wants to talk about that.

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Outside of unsustainable startups that throw away investor money, where on earth is a new grad making 90k plus?

Most people I know in « the educated class » are struggling to find affordable housing. As an engineer with a masters working at a top firm in my (not software) field I making about 55k/yr with 2 years experience. I not buying a house or starting a family any time soon.

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1k is on the low end for a studio/bachelor unit, in which you cannot reasonably have a roommate to share the cost with assuming you are not in a relationship/sleeping in the same bed.

Be fine with what you will, just realize that your expectations for price are on the very low end for this city. Maybe you get lucky, but more likely you won find anything. If all you really need in Toronto is the occasional convention, consider something in Barrie or KW and commute in the once a month you cheap moncler jackets need to.

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Oh that interesting, last I had heard they partnered with airbus to manufacture in the US and bypass the taxes. Also, I would hesitate to compare the aerospace industry to the automotive industry. There is a lot more cost associated with certifying an aircraft as airworthy, and a lot of R goes into it. Boeing may have two separate entities but I sure they share IP which is a huge chunk of the cost.

You seem familiar with moncler outlet sale the industry so allow me a (not so) joke:

It not as though those government handouts were used for anything other than executive bonuses in both those cases. 1 point submitted 2 months ago

Don go to university if you don care what you take. Work, travel, study a trade moncler uk outlet or go to college. Do anything other than pay 40k for toilet paper.

An degree in a field you aren interested in is worthless with or without good marks. Most of the fields (humanities or what have you, people seem to think STEM is hard but personally its the opposite) really only lead to careers in academia which is extremely competitive and a hard life even for those that are very interested in the field.

As an aside, most engineers are making far less than carpenters or HVAC specialists, and have to work soul cheap moncler jackets mens draining corporate jobs to boot. University is overrated unless you are setting yourself up to do something you love.

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If you try to bend and break amorphous solids, they act unpredictably. If glass looked moncler outlet woodbury like a chocolate bar and you tried to break off a chunk in the corner (with your hands at variable stress applications) it would probably not break as expected. The grain structure of the crystals is unpredictable.

1/2 the thickness in an amorphous solid tightly interwoven and sporadic is not nearly as weak as a warped grain boundary that happens to separate the two cheap moncler jackets womens pieces.

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lol I love how you added all these consequential details to the scenario, as if (jokingly assuming some of these are true) anyone would have known these based off of the limited context of the moncler womens jackets original comment. I can play along:.

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