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Let the customer come to you instead of building ANOTHER

4.) Absolutely no posting of personal information of co workers, or customers. Not only is this against reddit site wide rules, it is incredibly unprofessional and handing out customer info will usually result in immediate job termination. Feel free to talk about yourself, your store, and general location, but leave specifics out.

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discount moncler jackets Having established that this half Day delayed approval permits moncler outlet auto mod to stifle and even suppress posts though, I’d like to point out which posts it’s doing this to. I can assume, and please correct me if I’m wrong that cheap moncler jackets sale the the keywords / phrases it uses to automatically remove posts are relative to the auto generated discussion thread for that day, and not just the same throughout the week. More hints Ie; Sunday it looks for things related to « Salty Sunday », Friday it looks for things related to « team finder Friday », etc discount moncler jackets.

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